Beyond Technique:

Coaching Outside the Lines

Are you ready to set your eyes on a new horizon? Do you long to explore and grow within the safety and freedom of an intimate group of peers? Dare you receive feedback that will open your mind, touch your heart, and expand your reach?

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About Beyond Technique

Are you a professional coach, or an experienced leader with a coaching approach, ready to take your work to the next level of depth and finesse? Have you for years gathered knowledge, skills, and insights, and now want to integrate them all in your own 'signature tune'? Do you touch the lives of the people you work with, but want to reach many more? Is it time to make the move from developing your technical skills to nurturing your artistry? If your answer to any of these questions is a yes, then Beyond Technique – Coaching Outside the Lines is made for you! Whether your individual Beyond project is defining your own unique offering, growing your income and impact, aligning your work more fully with your deep heart's song, or simply achieving your next professional credential, Beyond Technique gives you companions and a guide along the way. Sara ‘Zora’ Boas and a group of up to ten peers will be with you at every step to support, challenge, nourish and refresh you.

Group coaching

Every two weeks, Zora coaches the group in a warm and intimate online meeting. 

There are seven 60-minute group coaching sessions over the course of the program.

During every session, you and your peers learn from and with each other.

In one session, you will be in the limelight as Zora and the group focus fully on your individual Beyond project.

Individual mentoring

Beyond Technique - Coaching Outside the Lines includes three individual 60-minute mentoring sessions with Zora. 

These 1:1 co-creative conversations are dedicated to helping you go to the heart of your own Beyond project, understand what it is really about, and accomplish your true goals. 

Your 1:1 sessions with Zora are scheduled at your mutual convenience, during the program.


Ongoing guidance, sharing, and accountability help you to succeed in your own Beyond project.

Weekly program elements keep everyone on track, with participants learning with and from each other.

Individualised assignments, a private online forum, in-depth feedback from your peers, and opportunities to test out your ideas and skills, all encourage you to make the most of this journey of transformation.

The program includes seven group mentor coaching live online sessions (at set times), plus three individual 1:1 coach-the-coach sessions (times arranged at mutual convenience). All sessions are one hour in length and take place on Zoom.


The group is expected to engage weekly and to conduct assignments, both on your own project and in support of other participants’ progress. The live group coaching sessions take place every two weeks, and video or other content will be posted on the weeks when there is no live group coaching session.

Time and Date

Group coaching sessions with Zora take place at fortnightly intervals, with online activities and self-directed learning in the intervening weeks. 

These group coaching sessions are usually scheduled on Tuesdays or Thursdays at 16.00 United Kingdom time, or on Wednesdays at 09.00 United Kingdom time. Specific dates and times for the next cycle will be announced shortly and are provisional until confirmed to registered participants. 

Individual mentoring sessions are arranged by mutual convenience. 

Guided and structured online activities take place in your own time, every week throughout the program.


The group sessions are recorded and made available to the participants. Excerpts from some sessions may be used to provide taster videos for future potential participants.

Group Size

The group size is limited to between 5 and 10 participants.


The program is led personally by Zora, for the group sessions, the individual sessions, and engagement in the online community forum. In case of emergency, a member of the LifeDance team will take Zora's place. 

Sara Boas MCC, MA, RDMP - known to her friends as Zora - is the founding director of Boas Partners, a global leadership consultancy that partners with clients in co-creating the future. She has been coaching professionally for over 30 years and has worked with hundreds of thousands of individuals across more than 100 countries on five continents. Her work as an advisor, innovator, speaker and educator has earned her a place as the trusted guide of some of the world's most outstanding business and community leaders. Zora's unique approach to ‘leading from within’ weaves her background in dance, anthropology and psychology with insights from organizational behaviour, adult development, somatics and the philosophy of science. She is a pioneer of the coaching profession, the owner and director of an Accredited Coach Training Program, and an ICF Registered Mentor Coach. In 2007, Zora was a recipient of the Leadership Gurus Award of Excellence. This award is bestowed upon individuals who have attained the recognition of their peers and the general public for the originality, practicality and impact of their ideas, and for their visionary leadership.
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Beyond Technique

Coaching Outside the Lines

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Program Content

Group coaching session 1: The opening session creates commitment and sets the tone for the shared journey. The content covered includes understanding the relationship between coaching techniques and coaching mastery; starting to define participants’ individual Beyond projects; sharing aspirations and challenges; committing to shared and individual learning.

Group coaching sessions 2-6: These sessions bring the group together for in-depth review, reflection, and experiential learning. In each session, one or two group members take the ‘limelight’, bringing their own goals and challenges for expert coaching and group support. When it is their turn, participants are invited to present, share, or coach live (as appropriate to their goals) and receive immediate in-depth feedback and coaching to further their progress.

Between sessions: The ‘limelight’ participants are required to provide substantial material online for review and commentary by the rest of the group, at least one week prior to the relevant session. The content of this material depends on the individual participant’s goals. For example, it could be a recorded coaching session (with transcript), draft text for a website or a business proposal, or in-depth reflections and questions related to their own professional identity and practice. All other group members are expected to review and comment on the material prior to the group session (reminders will be given). 

Group session 7: The closing session includes a review of the journey shared, celebration of individual successes, and group reflection and appreciation. It also provides onward action planning, including the option of committing to mutual support and accountability beyond the program.

Individual sessions: Each participant has three transformational mentoring sessions with Zora. These are scheduled on the basis of mutual convenience, during the period of the program.

The content of the 1:1 sessions with Zora is individually tailored to match the precise goals and learning needs of the participant. For example, you may find that the coaching reframes your understanding of your Beyond project and gives it a new meaning. Or you might have a more technical focus, reviewing a coaching session you have recorded, in granular detail. Perhaps it is a grounding process of putting your big vision into words that will speak to your clients and grow your business. Maybe you design a daily practice to balance and clarify your energy. Or it could be a healing exploration that allows you to move beyond subtle self-doubt, and spread your wings with new confidence and courage. It is always a response to your unique journey, and the needs of your Beyond project in the here and now. 

Throughout the program: Participants connect online in a dedicated private forum. In addition to the required posting and commenting on material as described above, the forum is also a place to share questions and tips, hopes and fears, encouragement and support.

ICF credentialing - approved Mentor Coaching

Beyond Technique - Coaching Outside the Lines fulfils the requirements of Mentor Coaching as defined by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). If your 'Beyond' project includes the accomplishment or renewal of an ICF credential, please prepare to submit two recorded coaching sessions, fully transcribed, for review by Zora and by the group. In the ICF definition, "Mentoring provides professional assistance in achieving and demonstrating the levels of coaching competency and capability demanded by the desired credential level. Mentor Coaching should take place over an extended time (three-month minimum) in a cycle that allows for listening and feedback from the Mentor Coach while also allowing reflection and practice on the part of the individual being mentored." 

ICF accredited Continuing Coach Education - Core Coaching Competencies 

Beyond Technique - Coaching Outside the Lines is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and provides ten hours' Continuing Coach Education (CCE Units) in the Core Coaching Competencies. 

Bonus session
For coaches applying for a credential or interested for other purposes, a bonus webinar will be provided in how to capture a great recording of a coaching session. This webinar will focus mainly on mindset and process, as well as providing some technical guidelines. The bonus session will be made available early in the program, to support members who may be wishing to prepare a recording for submission to the ICF for a credential application.

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